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 Rules for the Download4u Community

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PostSubject: Rules for the Download4u Community   Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:47 am

Download4u Rules


English is the only language to be used on this forum.
Appreciate the poster with a thank you if a post has been helpful to you.
Try to be an active poster, not just a leecher.
No political, religious and racist talks.
Help others, especially new members.
In case of any problem with another member, PM a staff member about the situation and we will try our best to solve it.

Abusive or spam PMs should be reported to a staff member for further action.
The PM system should not be used as a means of advertising, in any form.


The maximum dimensions for an avatar is 150 x 150 pixels (height x width).
The total maximum dimensions for images/text in a signature is 300 x 600 pixels (height x width).
Advertising any sites in your signature is strongly prohibited. This also applies to warez forums/blogs/sites,hosting, referrals and other product offers. This will lead to signature deletion and a warning.
Danasoft, IPBrowser and l33tsig signatures are not allowed.
A political or a religious signature is not allowed.
They should not be offensive or insensitive.


Posting live links is not against the rules but we recommend using CODE tags for better presentation of the topic.
Information is crucial so always add it to your post (screenshots, if available, as well).
Content of posts should not be explicit, offensive,inhumane or unethical in any sense.
Include a suitable fix (crack, key generator, patch links or serial numbers) if required.
Posts should not be created from a post bot. Users found to use postbots may be banned without warning
No advertising of any sort, since this site is not free advertising space. This includes hosting, referrals and other product offers.
No tries to bypass the word ban filter by any means or you may get a warning or even get banned. Images must not contain words that bypass our word ban filter.
Please check links before you post them, since dead links are never required.
Links within posts which link to a 3rd party in order to gain access to the content are not allowed. (Examples: Link protectors, Text files). This implies, Shrinkr, TinyURL and other such link protectors are prohibited on CyberWarez. They can be used to masquerade phishing sites to steal RapidShare Accounts. Hence, we encourage you to please report protected links for deletion.

Only post direct download links, no links to the site as far as possible.

Code: --- This is allowed --- This is not allowed --- This is not allowed


Do not request for Credit Card numbers, IP addresses, usernames, passwords, fake IDs or other offensive content.
Do not bump a request if nobody replied to your question. You have to wait at least 3 days until you bump your request.
When a request is fulfilled please take your time either to PM a moderator to close the topic or reply in your topic requesting a topic closure.
A minimum of 30 posts are required to make a request.
A minimum of 20 posts are required to make a gfx request.
The Gfx Requests fullfilled are for CyberWarez only and must contain Download4 u in them.

A maximum of 3 warnings can be issued to a member of this forum. After the 3rd warning is issued, your account will be banned automatically.
If you redeem yourself, you will lose the warnings through time.
You may acquire a warning by breaking any of the above mentioned rules.
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Rules for the Download4u Community
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